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SharpAD is in Palatine, Illinois based advertising solutions company offering businesses of all kinds an unmatched advertising method. We work with companies to develop hard-hitting, memorable marketing messages tailored specifically to their target audience, by creating, producing and placing digital advertisements on high definition plasma screens. Plasma screens are placed strategically throughout Illinois locations such as medical offices, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, business complexes and retail outlets. These electronic billboards target specific audiences, attract and hold their attention while delivering your marketing message. This type of advertising tan be updated in real time or daily, weekly, monthly: basically whenever you need to and can generate sales long after the initial investment was made. http://www.nhbic.org/texas/bathroom-remodeling-in-rockwall-tx/
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Our team works closely with each client to develop a highly strategic, results-oriented and cost-effective marketing campaign plan that utilizes the screen network to reach key audience types. We offer standard advertising packages as welt as customizable programs to meet your campaign goals, objectives and needs.

We can also use client supplied ads. Host locations list available upon request.
SharpAD digital advertising is the newest and most dynamic advertising format available today. Unlike most traditional advertising outlets (I.e. television and radio), using digital technology provides businesses with a highly dynamic, agile, Interactive and cost-effective advertising vehicle that reaches specific audiences, at specific times, in specific locations. This is called narrowcasting.

Until SharpAD was formed, the cost for digital advertising prohibited micro enterprises as well as small to medium sized businesses the opportunity to take advantage of digital advertising as a viable marketing tool. However, with cutting-edge technology, knowledgeable advertising specialists, a solid market approach and affordable cost structure, SharpAD has successfully designed advertising packages for just about any business no matter what size or industry type. 
SharpAD Digital advertising has the power to position your brand in front of the right customers at the right time in the right location and with the right message that delivers measurable results! Our digital advertising is similar to television advertising as it is a visual media; however, digital advertising reaches your target audience in a more cost-effective, highly targeted manner-called narrowcasting. Narrowcasting allows you to focus in on a specific type of customer and communicate with them on a one-to-one interactive basis. 
Generate long-term brand awareness, new customer relationships and increased revenue. One way businesses can take advantage of visual communications is by becoming a SharpAD member.
  • Creates a highly dynamic advertising medium to market your brand
  • Provides the ability to target specific audiences for the most effective results
  • Lowers cost and increases value more than print, television or radio advertising
  • Increases audience interaction with your offering
  • Helps to support segment or niche marketing initiatives
We are looking for PBD holders in Illinois area. SharpAD will work with the PBD holder to determine what the best placement options are for a Plasma Screen System in their location. All maintenance and technical support is done and managed by SharpAD for FREE of charge. In addition, all digital ad development and/or placement of a client supplied ad are handled by SharpAD advertisement team, to ensure the ads run according to schedule. PBD holderreceive FREE advertising time(up to 5 min per each broadcasting hour). Qualified businesses can utilize the PBD program to capture, inform and generate revenue last by having sign SharpAD PBD owner program, set up, maintain and manage a PBD in their location. All the PBD owners needs to do just sit back, relax and watch their marketing message produce ongoing brand awareness and revenue. 
Exclusively feature your marketing message on our supplied FREE Plasma Screen System. The uses are endless: 
  • Doctors can feature information about their practice or inform patients about a new treatment, procedures as they sit in the waiting room.
  • Hotels can present information about pool hours, hotel rate specials, dining locations and featured dishes, transportation to hotel sponsored excursions or airport updates.
  • Restaurants are able to showcase featured dishes, branded merchandise, Web site information, special coupons and offerings, hours and locations, and even holiday promotions.
Place a screen system in your location and earn advertising credits. SharpAD produces digital advertisements for businesses to be featured on one or several of our plasma screens within our program. By being a SharpAD screen holder you can potentially pay for your own advertising by allowing SharpAD to place a screen system in your location.
We can help you develop the ideal advertising solution
and bring life to your marketing initiatives.
To place your Ad please contact us:

phone: (847)208-5747

e-mail: placead@cooron.net